Volunteer drivers for the Harpenden Hopper


What is the Harpenden Hopper?

The Harpenden Hopper is a new community bus service that is running  from the Roundwood area of Harpenden into central Harpenden via the three surgeries and the Memorial hospital three days a week (Tues Weds Thurs) from 9.30 to 4.30pm.

What we need?

Enthusiastic and energetic Drivers to commit to at least two shifts (AM or PM is one shift)  per month driving the bus around the designated route in Harpenden.

Drivers who can engage with the passengers

What we will provide

Driver training   around 4.5 hours

Full driver handbook for daily routines

Orientation of route

Harpenden Hopper Polo shirt

Timetable and rota 

Who can drive our bus?

Drivers who passed their car driving test before 1st January 1997 will normally have a D1(101) - minibus, not for hire or reward - entitlement on their licence. 
This will remain on the licence until it expires at age 70 or unless removed by DVLA (DVA Northern Ireland), usually for medical reasons.

Even though the licence restriction says ‘not for hire or reward’ these licence holders can drive a minibus operated under a Section 22 permit without additional conditions. 

Drivers over 70 can apply to have their D1 re-instated subject to a medical, which we can help arrange.

Unfortunately we cannot accept drivers over the age of 75

We can accept drivers with points on there licence, subject to pre-approval by our insurance company.


If you are interested in finding out further information please complete the form below and one of our committee members will get in touch

Driver interest form

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